Venom 'Cannibal' Wheels - 76mm

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Venom 'Cannibal' Wheels - 76mm
The 76mm Cannibal Wheels from Venom are all-purpose wheels for downhill, racing, and freeriding. The 76mm Variation is taller, faster and grippier than the 72mm version. Due to the larger, stiffer core in these wheels your customers will find that sliding is also very possible but ultimately these wheels are excel in racing and bombing down hills. Brand new on the board 76mm grip hard and drift smoothly for race-proven performance at speed. With a smooth-sliding and remarkably durable urethane compound, Cannibals are also excellent freeride wheels once they’re broken in a bit.

Supplied as a set of 4 wheels
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Venom
Diameter mm 76
durometer 76A, 78A, 80A, 83A
RRP £54.95
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