Juggle-Light LED S Staff

Juggle-Light LED S Staff
This is the Juggle-Light LED S-Staff (Sometimes known as Buugeng). Each staff is 32" tip to tip and made from poly-carb. Constructed from a 1" tube, an LED light has been embedded at each end, allowing you to choose 2 colours. In addition this staff can be collapsed down for easy travel. Please choose 2 of these 10 ultra-bright, static, neon colours (obviously if you want your S Staff to be just one colour, then choose the same colour twice!):

1. White LED light.
2. Yellow LED light.
3. Orange LED light.
4. Red LED light.
5. Pink LED light.
6. Purple LED light.
7. Green LED light.
8. Blue LED light.
9. Turquoise LED light.
11. Strobe

Please Note that these Staffs are sold Individually. If you require a pair please purchase two pieces.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Juggle-Light
Travel Length 40cm
Wick Size NA
Style S Staff
Player Level Intermediate - Advanced
RRP £35.00
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