INDY 36" Kicktail Blank Deck

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INDY 36" Kicktail Blank Deck
INDY offer up affordable longboard decks made from only the finest Canadian maple. This deck features 8 rigid plys of the stuff and has been crafted in to a versatile 'transporter' shape. This directional set-up uses a smart kick-tail to give it plenty of versatility and manoeuvrability. The board has had ample wheel wells carved in to the shape to accommodate 65mm-70mm wheels in a reverse king-pin set-up. The WoodStock 36" Kicktail is ideal for a rider transitioning between 'surfy' Pintail cruising and inner-city trick riding. This board is supplied without grip tape. Natural exposed wood - no graphics needed (or do your own!)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand INDY
Length inches 36"
Width mm 9.75"
EAN 5052838017496
Shape Kicktail
RRP £59.99
SKU LON-Blank36kick
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