Cadillac | Cadillac 7.0 Performance Bearings Pack

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Cadillac | Cadillac 7.0 Performance Bearings Pack
Endorsed by Madrid Pro Downhill rider Zak Maytum, Cadillac bearings have paved the way in the racing circuit by winning races and being on the podium. These top-of-the line bearings are a standard addition to all of our upgraded completes and an excellent choice for all riders who want to upgrade their existing set-ups. With high-quality lubricating grease and a highpressure sealed shield that keeps dirt out, these amazing bearings will blast you to the front of the pack. So, if your need is speed and you want to ride like our pros, Cadillac bearings are the perfect choice. Includes 8 x '608' size BLACK bearings and 4 x 10mm Spacers

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Cadillac
Diameter mm 22
Width mm 0.27
RRP £14.99
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