Bicycle Star Gazer - Sun Spots - Playing Card Deck

Bicycle Star Gazer - Sun Spots - Playing Card Deck

Bicycle cards have launched the second deck in their Star Gazer series. This time the graphics are dedicated to stars. As well as being printed on Bicycle's premium playing card stock and featuring their signature 'Air-Cushion' finish, the Sun Spot deck features beautiful graphic representations of stars. Immacuately presented throughout. 

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Get lost in space with this beautifully illustrated deck of cards. Bicycle® playing cards Stargazer features designs and colours inspired by one of the most mysterious and awesome objects in the galaxy, the stars. This continuation on an intergalactic theme shifts focus away from Black Holes and towards the billions of suns located throughout the galaxy. The tuck case brings the brilliance of the stars to life with the use of reflective silver foil. Great for any game, you will love playing with this deck hand after hand! As with all Bicycle decks, the quality of printing is superb, with beautiful graphic representations of the sun. The Tuck case is highlighted with a custom seal and chrome foil. All the cards feature Bicycle's signature Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance Printed on premium Bicycle brand card-stock. Made in the USA.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Bicycle
Colour Black
RRP £7.95
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